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What can I say:
After ages of writing down stuff the old fashioned way, which requires the knowledge of how to hold and use a pen, I decided to go digital.

„All you’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So go!“ (Lonely Planet)

Well, they are right. And after some great experiences on my travels I decided to share some of my stories and also add some background information to every story.

So anyone who finds this page among all the other countless blogs and who is interested in what I’m sharing here, might be entertained, or at least bored for a while …

Checking ‚tours‘ you will notice, there is still a lot of writing for me to do (and as I keep traveling, there will be more in the future). But drop me a line and let me know which story you’d like to read first, and I’ll write that one next.